Work Closely With Your Divorce Lawyer For Scheduling Concerns

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Lawyer

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One of the most difficult aspects of working with a divorce lawyer in Charleston SC is getting things done in a timely manner. To understand this, it is a good idea for a marriage partner to understand the personal concerns of his or her lawyer, and how they fit with the partner’s own.

When a marriage partner considers divorce, they are well aware of their feelings. If they are not foolish, then they are carefully weighing their decision. They will be looking at how it will affect their lives and the lives of their children. They will be seeking alternatives that could help them save the marriage. On the other hand, once a marriage partner has exhausted all other avenues and decides to get a divorce, then they will want the proceedings to go as quickly as possible. In fact, although most understand that a divorce can take some time, they would have no objection to finalizing the process immediately.

Many clients assume that, once the higher a divorce lawyer in Charleston SC, that their lawyer will have their exact interests in mind and will be in as much of a hurry to finalize the divorce than they are. This is mostly true, but there is a big issue with a lawyer’s workload that can make this a challenge for him.

A professional, experienced lawyer will be able to promise specific dates for the completion of milestones toward the accomplishment of the divorce. Barring any problems with the state offices, he will be able to make those dates. However, most lawyers work with multiple clients. It behooves him to fill up his dockets, even overschedule a little. It may even be part of his strategy to prioritize clients paying higher fees over those who do not.

Clients who work with such a divorce lawyer in Charleston SC come to regret it. They look forward to the timely completion of each milestone with as much anticipation as a child looks forward to Christmas. If it does not happen, they begin to sense the lawyer is dragging his feet. They are left confused and not knowing what to do. This situation doubles the anxiety that they are already experiencing from the divorce.

For this reason, it is important to choose a lawyer that is on your side. Research your lawyer carefully. Talk to former clients and make sure that your attorney is prepared to complete his work in a timely manner, even if you are not his most lucrative client. For more information visit Phipps Law Firm.

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