Why You Want Help From a Criminal Lawyer in Chicago

The area of criminal law is a vast collection of laws that cover everything from a simple speeding ticket to first degree murder. It’s very detailed, and covers what the crime is, how the person should be punished for breaking the law, and even what happens for those who commit multiple offenses. It also covers how to collect evidence, arrest a suspect, and prosecute or defend a case. There’s also case law, which details the smaller points that the actual penal code doesn’t cover or clarifies points that are difficult to narrow down. The case law is constantly changing, which makes it hard for someone who isn’t a Criminal Lawyer in Chicago to follow.

When you’re arrested, your lawyer will review your case, the evidence against you, and any other information you have for them. They’ll use the collection of laws above to ensure the evidence was collected legally, that it was held legally until your trial, and that the evidence does or doesn’t point to you as the person who committed the crime. They’ll also use all the evidence they have to ensure you’re charged with the right crime. For instance, if you were arrested for a DUI, but the breathalyzer states you weren’t quite over the legal limit, your lawyer can argue that you didn’t commit a DUI at all.

This is a lot to go through and to match up, but it’s something a Criminal Lawyer in Chicago does every day. While you may not be used to reading the law, they are. They understand exactly what the law is saying, or is trying to say, and they’ll be able to find case law that matches their point. They can then use this to argue your innocence or attempt to have your charges lowered. They can also use this information to appeal if your outcome is less than favorable.

When you’re arrested, you’re not going to want to do this on your own. There’s a lot of information that needs to be sifted through, and it’s not always easy to find what you need if you’re not a lawyer. They have the knowledge and skills to find what they need and read the complicated legal jargon. Let a lawyer like John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. handle your case so you don’t have to try to figure out the laws surrounding your case and hope you don’t miss something essential.


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