Why You Should Hire an Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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When you have an accident where you have suffered injury and damage, what is the best way to process the claim? Is it more advisable to seek the advice of an Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY? Will you be compensated more so financially? These are questions that need to be answered before proceeding.

There are two ways to tackle our claim:

* Through your insurer: You can use this approach when you have car insurance coverage claims and legal expenses to cover expenses. In this case, your insurance company will assist you in your claim, either through their lawyers, or through servicers’ claims.

* Through a private lawyer: In this case, you will decide on a lawyer of your choice to help you get the most for your injuries.

What are the differences?

In both cases, your claim will continue to be processed by the insurance company for both the accident and injuries. This will be served in the friendly part of the medical reports and expert opinion, or invoice repair of damage to the vehicle. Insurers tend to classify cases based on economic forecasts. But to claim for injuries from an accident, there are other factors involved to claim the maximum possible compensation.


First, there’s communication. With the insurance company, communication is usually more distant. You will receive letters, emails or calls to a point where they will ask you to bring them medical and billing reports. Your insurance will receive a financial proposal contrary to the reports you received and will decide to accept it or not. When hiring an Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY, the information will be more consistent and fluid.

Private lawyers are there to answer any questions you may have at any point. You must also inform or alert them of the adequacy or inadequacy of the reports that you are getting. They will search for the various procedural alternatives that you can use to get higher compensation. Lawyers will negotiate with the other independent companies to ensure compensation is high.

Direct knowledge of insurance is a must, in addition to knowing how to value forensic experts who will carry out the reports, with the advantage of knowing whether these reports will be more or less favorable to your interests. Remember: In most cases private lawyers are the best way to get the highest percentage of compensation. For more information, contact Mark T. Freeley today.

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