Why Immigrants Facing Removal Should Not Wait To Hire A Deportation Lawyer

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Lawyers

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For many immigrants to the U.S., facing the prospect of deportation can be a real challenge. If you’ve built a family and a life in this country, one wrong move could disrupt that life and cause everything you’ve worked so hard for to come crumbling down. For this reason, making sure you hire a good deportation lawyer is key. Although you may be tempted to represent yourself throughout the process, consider these reasons why you may need to change your thinking before it’s too late.

There are many reasons the U.S. government may consider an immigrant removable. Perhaps they believe you’ve committed a crime or don’t believe you have the authorization to reside in this country. No matter what the charges against you may be, you’ll need to come up with an adequate defense strategy to successfully fight them. Unfortunately, telling the judge you’re a model citizen with a good job and a family won’t be enough to stop the deportation process.

The good news is that those who Hire Deportation Lawyer get the benefit of having someone who understands immigration law to help them assess their options for a viable defense. Depending on your circumstances, you may argue the charges are false, and you should be granted a green card because you have relatives in the U.S., or that you present no threat to the U.S.& While these are all good arguments, you’ll need a lawyer to help you understand which defense you actually qualify for and present your evidence in the best light. Even if you do lose your case the first time, working with a lawyer will boost your chances of a successful appeal, especially since the appeals process does not allow the presentation of any new evidence.

Deportation is a serious matter. When you Hire Deportation Lawyer early on in your case, you’ll have an experienced professional who can help you navigate every stage of your case. From filling out paperwork and meeting deadlines to assisting you in crafting a solid defense, the attorneys at Bell Law Office will do everything they can to help you stay in this country. With the right attorney on your case, you can rest assured there’s someone working tirelessly to help you keep everything you’ve worked to build. Get in touch with us for more INFO.

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