What You Need to Know About Chapter 7 in Dayton, OH

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Legal Services

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There are times when a person’s financial situation gets to the point to where bankruptcy has to be a serious consideration. Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed that they weren’t able to handle their finances better and that this inability led to bankruptcy. Whatever the situation may be, and however an individual may feel about bankruptcy, the reality is that this is something that may need to be addressed. In most individual situations, a bankruptcy filing for Chapter 7 in Dayton OH is will be recommended.

Chapter 7 is a bankruptcy for people with smaller incomes, and it helps to effectively wipe out a great deal of debt that a person may have accumulated. There are certain debts like tax debt and house mortgages that will be excluded from chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. However, in the bankruptcy process, there may be an option to renegotiate the terms of owed taxes or home mortgage payments in order to make things more affordable and allow the individual to pay off these debts.

Some people feel like they can handle filing for bankruptcy on their own. While technically, it is possible to do this, it can be very confusing and it’s usually better to hire an attorney that can handle Chapter 7 in Dayton OH. The reason for this is that there are legal processes, legal documents and various complicated issues, such as dealing with existing creditors, that an individual may not want to have to handle on their own. In addition, a legal professional will have the experience necessary to handle all the complicated issues and the negotiations that may be required during the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

There may be challenges ahead during the bankruptcy process, but Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an excellent way to help a person get back on a firm financial foundation. It may be difficult to imagine things turning around after a financial predicament has put you in a place where considering bankruptcy is necessary, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The first thing to do, however, is to deal with your financial issues immediately and this may mean filing for Chapter 7.

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