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by | Aug 17, 2015 | Attorney

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Many families are deprived of their housing because of foreclosure. It is a process that cannot be stopped, but a person can find solutions to lengthen it and thus have more time to avoid living on the streets. Once the credit institution has initiated foreclosure, the owner and affected entity can reach an agreement at any time. It is, therefore, important to try to negotiate in good faith with the bank to obtain a refinancing agreement. If you want to know how to stop foreclosure, continue reading.

Unfortunately, most foreclosures happen at the worst time. In response, the legal weapons one can be equipped with do allow the owner to buy some time. This lengthens the process, which is the main objective for most people. Trying to stop the process and buy some time is important because the defense of those affected can be articulated using formal aspects of the foreclosure process (to the extent that the mortgage may contain provisions that could be considered abusive). Formal questions allow the owner to paralyze the implementation process in less than 1% of cases and in any case, the bank may restart the entire procedure when the error is corrected, so all you are doing is buying some time. Furthermore, the substantive issues do not allow people to stall the process in most occasions, but it does allow lawyers to try and find a loophole.

However, the vast majority of judges leave the content stated the contract on the sidelines during foreclosure proceedings because they understand that the mortgage company knew about the issues with the contract. Sometimes years can pass by before people know there has been some sort of contract abuse. Even if the notary signs off on it there is a chance the ruling can be overturned and the owner can save their home. This is crucial when people want to know how to stop foreclosure.

In any case, it is essential that the family catches the issue early. If you stop paying the mortgage altogether, it will be much difficult to negotiate with the credit institution. If, however, the affected decides to do something when their home will be auctioned within a week, very little (if anything) can be done to halt the process or improve the situation. Visit to learn more.

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