What can affect my SSD claim in NJ?

When applying for disability benefits through the SSA, it can be useful to be aware of things in your past that can negatively affect your chances of success. Thankfully, we have put together a guide of common scenarios that may affect your application:

1. Alcohol/Drug Abuse

If you have a past as an addict, it may affect the outcome of your SSA application in some cases. Especially if your disability came about as a direct result of your abuse, you may be required to attend a rehabilitation program and participate in drug screenings before becoming eligible for SSI or SSDI benefits. Knowing your rights in this situation is particularly important, as the SSA will have to clearly prove that your disability is in direct relation to any past abuse you may have partaken in.

2. Income/Assets

The most important quality SSA will look over after receiving your application is your current and past income and assets. Many benefits will require that you currently own less than a certain amount of assets, and that your income is below a certain level, for example. Having a good grasp of what these levels are for the benefits package you are looking to receive can save you a lot of time and frustration. Additionally, it can help you determine what the optimal time to apply for benefits will be.

3. Work History

In determining your residential functional capacity, one of the biggest aspects of determining whether or not your application will be approved, the SSA will look thoroughly at your current and past work history records. If you are going to successfully prove to the SSA that you cannot reasonably work on your own, having the work history to show this is of utmost importance.

4. Past Government Benefits

Although this past part of your life will not have much of an effect on your application, unless you are currently receiving benefits, it can become important. Simply understanding if any of your past benefits affect your current ability to draw benefits is important, so you must always educate yourself on this topic.

5. Criminal Record

People with certain felonies may either be completely ineligible for disability benefits, or they may be required to go through a program to become eligible. The rules for this issue are similar to those that concern past/current drug and alcohol abusers.

If you need help determining which of your past actions may affect you SSA disability benefits application, the professionals at The Law Office of Sheryl Gandel Mazur can help! We will help you overcome any obstacles these past events may present in a timely and effective manner. If you are ready to begin receiving the benefits you deserve, please contact us via our website!

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