Two Common Types of Wills for Estate Planning in Aventura, FL

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Losing a loved one without a will can create significant difficulties and hardships for the family left behind. To prevent such challenges, residents of Aventura, FL, can work with a wills lawyer to ensure their wishes are fulfilled. At The Law Offices of Fleurinord Law PLLC, our experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping clients create customized wills efficiently and effectively.

Two Most Common Types of Wills and Their Purposes:

While wills can cover a wide range of directives, they generally fall into two main categories. By consulting with a wills lawyer in Aventura, FL, individuals can become familiar with these options and determine which one suits their needs best. The majority of wills drafted in the area typically fall into the following types:

Simple Wills:

The primary purpose of a simple will is to dictate how a person’s assets should be distributed after their passing. Simple wills specify the division and assignment of the estate without any additional conditions or arrangements. While it’s advisable to take an accurate inventory of assets before drafting a simple will, the process is often straightforward. A few hours spent considering the details are often sufficient.


In certain situations, individuals may want to ensure that assets are not directly given to financially immature beneficiaries or at risk of being claimed by creditors. Trusts can be utilized to safeguard assets and add conditions to their distribution. Compared to simple wills, trusts involve additional complexity but offer greater flexibility and control over the assets.

Investing Time and Effort in Estate Planning:

While some individuals in the area pass away without a will each year, it is highly recommended to avoid this situation. A local lawyer can efficiently create a customized will that reflects a resident’s wishes in a relatively short amount of time. For more information or to begin the estate planning process, please contact Fleurinord Law PLLC.

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