The Benefits of Working with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in New Lenox

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and have trouble getting compensated, workers’ compensation lawyers in New Lenox can assist you. These legal professionals are experts in this area. They help people get medical bills paid for and compensation for lost wages.


To file a workers’ comp claim, you will need paperwork from a healthcare provider. The words you use on the claim form will impact your case. To save time and frustration, you might consult with an attorney about the phrasing.


Some of the details you will need to note are where the incident happened, the date and time, the names of any witnesses, and what you believe caused the accident. How you state these facts could lead to a speedy decision or a denial.


Employees are not always aware that workers’ comp could cover a medical disorder. Some situations may seem obvious, like if a bubbled rug or walkway caused you to trip and fall and break your leg. People who lose their hearing might also have a claim even though they cannot pinpoint the exact location or time the loss occurred.

Legal Teams

Legal professionals who specialize in these cases can help you if your human resource department states they don’t believe the accident was work-related or if you were exposed to a chemical. Fighting an employer or insurance company while sick or injured can be stressful. Most lawyers offer a free consultation. To learn more about how workers’ compensation lawyers in New Lenox assist accident victims, contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.

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