Social Security Disability Lawyer in Winston-Salem, NC: A Must-Read Guide

Social Security Disability is a government program offering an income to citizens who can’t get an income because of an illness or injury. However, to qualify, you must have previously had jobs covered by Social Security.

You must also prove that your medical condition or injury will or has kept you off work for at least a year.

Applying for Social Security Disability can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are recuperating at home or in the hospital. However, hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer in Winston-Salem, NC can make the process easier.

However, it is essential to understand what goes into hiring an attorney.

What Do Social Security Disability Lawyers Do?

• Help you understand your disability and if you qualify for the benefits.
• Help you file the initial application.
• They communicate on your behalf, giving you time and peace of mind to recover.
• Submit persuasive medical evidence for initial application or appeal.

How To Choose The Correct Lawyer

• Ask about their education and qualifications.
• Look at how long they have been practicing.
• Ask how many clients they have represented with similar medical conditions or requirements as you.
• Look for certifications, permits, and licenses.
• Ask what percentage of cases they win.
• Consider their reliability and communication skills.

Collins Price, PPLC is a Social Security Disability law firm where you can find a qualified and experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Winston-Salem, NC. Visit their website to understand their process and request a consultation.

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