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In Kansas, the possession of controlled substances is a criminal offense. The quantity and exact classification of the drug define which penalties apply if the defendant is convicted. The state laws also outline specific circumstances related to controlled substances that could lead to additional charges. Drug possession lawyers can explain the laws and penalties for the offenses.

Classifications for Controlled Substances

The state of Kansas divides all controlled substances into schedules. According to drug laws, schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous. The reason these drugs are classified as dangerous is that they are more addictive and are abused frequently. The most common drugs found in the classification are heroin, cocaine and meth.

Possession of controlled dangerous drugs starts with a maximum fine of $2,500 and one year in county lockup. However, larger quantities of these drugs could lead to a prison sentence and fines that range as high as $100,000.

Schedule II Drugs

In the schedule II drug laws, drugs that are classified as narcotics, opiates and stimulants are reviewed. The possession of these drugs is considered a class four felony. The individual who is convicted of possession faces a maximum fine of $100,000 and a prison sentence based on the exact quantity.

Explaining Penalties for Precursors

Under state drug laws, precursors are described as substances used to manufacture specific dangerous drugs. Among the most common precursors identified are red phosphorous, ephedrine, sodium metal and pressurized ammonia. Any defendant found in possession of precursors will receive a prison sentence upon conviction and a maximum fine of $300,000. Additionally, if the individual is found in possession of the pressurized ammonia that is stored in improper containers, the defendant faces additional fines ranging up to $100,000 and extra prison time.

In Kansas, defendants found in possession of any controlled dangerous drugs will face higher penalties if convicted. These drugs are considered highly addictive. If the individual is arrested near a school or any area frequented by children, additional penalties will apply. Defendants facing controlled substance charges can contact drug possession lawyers by visiting now. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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