Information that May be Helpful from a DWI Lawyer in Hillsboro MO

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Lawyers

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Anywhere that a person gets stopped and arrested for drunk driving can lead to severe consequences. Each state has its own set of rules of how drunk driving is handled. Most of the time, there is not much leniency involved. If arrested in Hillsboro MO for drunk driving, penalties are likely to be harsh, and may be long-reaching. There is a DWI lawyer in Hillsboro MO who knows all about these long-reaching circumstances and is available to help clients fight their cases. Here is some information about DWIs in Hillsboro MO that may be helpful.

Being found guilty of a DWI charge will lead to consequences that may result in a loss of license, heavy fines, or even jail time. The long-reaching consequences that are associated with DWIs and DUIs are known as “lookback periods.” The lookback period is how far back courts can go for DWIs and DUIs. In Hillsboro MO, that time period is lifetime. This means the courts can go back to your first DUI or DWI if they want to. Thus, an accused person will want to surely get an experienced attorney to represent his or her interests in these cases.

Wegmann Law Firm in the Hillsboro MO area who has been representing the legal interests of clients for over 16 years. His law firm represents a wide range of criminal offenses, including DUI and DWI. The law firm offers free initial consultation for clients who may have a lot of questions. If any person is looking for a DWI lawyer in Hillsboro MO, the firm is available.

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