Identifying Victim’s Rights Through A Dog Bite Attorney In Joliet, IL

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Lawyers

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Pet owners are subject to litigation if their dogs attack. According to the Animal Control Act, any dog that wasn’t provoked and bites a person who conducts themselves peacefully and lawfully could deem their own accountable for any injuries sustained. This includes civil damages to require payment for medical costs and non-economic awards based on emotional distress covered under state tort laws. If you were attacked and sustained injuries, you should contact a Dog Bite Attorney in Joliet IL immediately.

Identifying the Pet Owner

In Illinois, a pet owner or responsible party is anyone who acts as a custodian for the animal, allows them on or inside their property, or provides care for the dog. The victim bringing the claim to court doesn’t have to prove that the at-fault party has any documentation that offers evidence of ownership of the pet. They have to present evidence that the dog was within the property when their injuries happened. A Dog Bite Attorney submits a motion to acquire vet records when necessary to support the claim that the defendant provided care for the dog.

Defining Provocation Or Intentional Harm

A defense to the lawsuit is the claim that the victim provoked the animal and shared fault in their own injuries. The pet owner must prove that the dog doesn’t possess a history of violent behavior. Unfortunately, in cases associated with dog breeds that are known to become dangerous, this defense could work against the owner. The state doesn’t have any legislation to offer refuge for dangerous breeds, which protect their owner from litigation. A dog bite attorney can win an injury case based solely on the type of dog that attacked.

Dog owners should take precautionary measures to prevent the potential for injuries. This includes following city, county, and state ordinances that apply to these domesticated animals. Non-compliance with safety standards or bylaws could result in a hefty award for injury victims. A failure on the owner’s behalf could lead to their pet becoming a risk to the public, and this could include court-ordered euthanasia of the animal. If you were attacked and sustained injuries, visit the website Website URL to hire a dog bite attorney in Joliet IL promptly.



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