How Theft Defense Attorneys Help Their Clients

Being accused of committing theft is not something to take lightly. Whether the situation involves missing property at work or an accusation of taking jewelry from a friend or relative, steps must be taken to ensure that the rights of the accused are protected. This is where help from one of the Theft Defense Attorneys will make a difference. Here are some of the ways the attorney will guard the interests of the client.

Assessing the Particulars of the Case

Before any type of advice or action can take place, most Theft Defense Attorneys will want to review all the evidence on hand. This includes interviewing the client and collecting as much information as possible. If any witnesses or other parties saw or heard something that has bearing on the case, talking with them will be a wise move also. Once all the data is collected, the attorney can determine how to advise the client and make plans for what happens next.

Establishing an Alibi

In cases where the client is not responsible for the theft, the goal is focused on presenting information that demonstrates that the individual was not in a position to commit the crime. This will mean finding someone who can vouch for the whereabouts of the client at the time the theft took place. If the client was not with anyone at the time, there are other ways to achieve this goal. Perhaps the client was at home posting on a social network or buying something online. It is easy enough for an expert to determine that the activity did take place from the location where the client claims to have been at the time of the theft.

When the Client is Guilty

If the client is indeed responsible for the theft, the individual still deserves to have representation in a court of law. In this scenario, the defense will focus more on attempting to provide the judge with reasons to impose the lightest sentence possible. At this juncture, pointing out the client has never committed a crime before or made a bad decision in haste could provide the basis for a lighter sentence.

For anyone accused of theft, visit and arrange to speak with an attorney today. Doing so will be the first step in resolving the matter and ensuring the due process of law is followed to the letter. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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