How a Guardianship Attorney in Poulsbo WA Can Help You Protect Your Loved Ones

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Legal Services

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Guardianship is a way for the courts to ensure an incapacitated or disabled adult is protected from physical or financial harm by people who are not looking out for their best interests. While a guardian is appointed to be the final decision-maker for personal or financial matters, the person they are helping should have as much input as possible.

When a loved one becomes incapacitated due to age, memory loss or an accidental injury, a guardian can be appointed by the court. In many cases, the family is very involved in the process and a family member is typically assigned as the guardian. When there is no spouse or the spouse is not able to assume the duties of a guardian, an adult child or sibling may take on the role. Someone who wants to serve as guardian of their loved one may hire a guardianship attorney in Poulsbo WA area to represent them in court.

The role of a guardian is defined by the court and may entail filing periodic financial statements with the court. This ensures that the guardian is paying your loved one’s bills and handling their other expenses appropriately. A Guardianship Attorney in Poulsbo WA can help someone who is interested in being guardian understand the requirements before they accept the role. Serving as a personal or financial guardian can be time-consuming so it is important to know what is expected before making the commitment.

A guardian is not required to financially support their loved one. Instead, they are required to manage their assets and secure any financial benefits the incapacitated adult is entitled to based on their condition. This may involve applying for and attending interviews with the Social Security Administration or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Assistance is obtaining these benefits or others may be provided by the guardianship Attorney.

Guardianship can be a rewarding experience but it also requires a substantial time commitment. Adult children who want to serve as guardian for their parents must be sure they can meet the requirements of the court. Though professional guardians are typically paid through the estate of their ward, family members who want compensation for their duties as guardian should ask their lawyer to petition the court for a stipend.



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