Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Lacey, WA For A Dog Attack

by | May 30, 2017 | Personal Injury

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In Washington, pet owners are liable when they fail to protect visitors and service providers from their dog. It doesn’t matter what temperament of a dog has. There are conditions that could cause them to attack a human. It is these conditions that the owner must mitigate. The following is information about a dog attack that can be handled by a Personal Injury Attorney in Lacey WA.

Proving Lawful Entry

The victim must prove that they entered the property legally. If they were attacked during the course of a crime, they don’t have a legal claim. This includes home invasions, trespassing, or cruelty to animals. If the pet owner presents evidence of this crime, the victim won’t acquire an award and faces criminal charges.

Reporting the Attack

The victim has two opportunities for reporting the attack. They can allow their medical doctor to file the report after their injuries are assessed. They could also contact animal control themselves to report the dog attack. They must provide information about the attack and the pet owner’s name and address. The pet owner is notified via the mail, or the animal control officer visits their home.

Quarantine Laws for Dogs

By law, any dog that doesn’t have a vaccination report must be quarantined for a complete assessment. The quarantine period is twelve days. This is how long it takes for a dog to show signs of rabies. If they were vaccinated, they must surrender the dog to a licensed vet for a complete assessment of their behavior.

The Fate of the Animal

The animal control officer acquires a full report from the licensed vet. The assessment determines if the dog presents a risk to anyone. If they are excessively aggressive, the animal control officer could recommend euthanization.

In Washington, pet owners must mitigate risks associated with visitors and service providers. As these individuals visit their home, the pet owner must take precautions to prevent an attack. A failure to follow these steps could lead to a lawsuit. Victims of a dog attack contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Lacey WA for an appointment or Visit us for more information now.

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