Hiring A Deportation Lawyer

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There is good reason for anyone facing deportation from the United States to think that the judge deciding the case will help if I have a real sob story to tell or there is no hope so why bother hiring deportation lawyers in Chicago and fight it. Both of these scenarios are wrong.

The immigration judge won’t help you:

Although there are no juries, the language is less formal than traditional court hearings and those involved fully understand the immigrant facing deportation is not going to completely understand what is going on around him, this is no reason to believe the judge is going to help you. Like all judges, they are impartial, they are not siding with you or the Department of Homeland Security; he or she will hear the case and decide your fate based on evidence.

Compelling evidence is the key, just because you are a hard worker and you look after your family well means very little. You need to hire deportation lawyers in Chicago, legal professionals that know the law and how best to present your case.

Your defense might include:

Hire a deportation lawyer as soon as you know you are slated to face proceedings. Your lawyer will hear you out, decide what circumstances there are that warrant a defense. The possibilities may not be apparent to you but your lawyer may:

   * Argue that the charges against you are false
   * Prove that you are a citizen of the US based on a citizen parent
   * You may fear that you will be subjected to persecution in your native country should you return, your lawyer may be able to make a case for you being granted asylum

These are but a small sample of the arguments that seasoned deportation lawyers in Chicago can put forward on your defense.

If you face deportation from the United States there may be mitigating circumstances that only deportation lawyers in Chicago can recognize exist. You are invited to discuss your situation with Din Law, LLC. Follow us on twitter.

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