Hire a Disability Attorney in New Bedford, MA

If you think you qualify for disability benefits, you need to hire a disability attorney as soon as possible. While a disability claim is not the exact same as a legal case, it is similar; you need to have evidence for your claim. The best way to have that evidence is to become your own advocate, so you need to keep as much documentation as possible. If your disability is new, you need to make sure you are keeping track of the different elements that might be useful in a case.

If you don’t know if a potential piece of evidence could be useful, you should keep it anyway. A good attorney will be able to determine what is useful and what is not.

Be Your Own Advocate

Being your own advocate means that you need to keep records of before and after your disability, if that’s applicable, and you need to be upfront and honest with your disability attorney in New Bedford, MA. Sara J. Frankel is an example of a great firm that will be able to help you with your claim. Filing a claim involves presenting the relevant agencies with evidence that you have experienced a disability and need some kind of assistance.

Be Upfront and Honest

Many people have a hard time being completely honest with their disability attorney. Some things might be embarrassing, or you may not think that something’s just not relevant. Whether or not you think information can help or harm your case, you should be honest with your attorney. Aside from you being your own advocate, your attorney is your ally in the process.

Your attorney can only help you fully if you are fully upfront. The process can be somewhat difficult, but with a good attorney, it can go relatively smoothly. Filing for disability is easiest and most successful when you hire a talented lawyer.

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