Hire a Bail Bondsman When Faced with Felony Charges in Tyler TX

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Bail Bond

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Felony Charges in Tyler TX are very serious, and the individual will be arrested and held for trial. It may be weeks or even months before a trial begins. That means the individual will either wait in custody or post bail so they can return to their normal life until the trial begins. Below is a closer look at the bail process and what options individuals have when they are arrested and charged with committing a crime.


When a person is arrested on Felony Charges in Tyler TX, they are immediately taken into custody and will appear before a judge. The judge examines the case and sets a bail amount that must be paid by the person in order to leave jail. The bail amount is set rather high, and this is to ensure the person does not leave town before their trial begins. The trial won’t be held soon, and waiting in jail can have very negative effects on a person’s finances as well as their family.

Posting Bail

Unfortunately, the average person does not thousands of dollars lying around in the event they need to post bail. Luckily, there are bail companies a defendant can turn to for assistance. Bail companies will provide their services in exchange for a fee of eight to ten percent of the overall bail amount set by the court. Posting bail will get the person out of jail within a 24-hour window, and the bail agent will assist them throughout the process.

Services They Offer

Posting bail is only one of the many ways bond agents help their clients. The bonding agency will assist the client by filling out necessary court documents and getting them filed by the appropriate deadline. Bail agents provide advice and support their clients through each step of the bail process.

Check out Sitename to learn more about bail agents and the services they provide for clients and their families. Bail agents have the proper training and experience to assist those that find themselves in trouble with the legal system. The bondsman will alleviate a lot of stress as they stand by their clients through each and every step. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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