Fighting For Benefits With a Social Security Lawyer in Buena Park

In California, social security disability provides monetary benefits to disabled individuals who cannot work. The benefits are paid on the 1st or 3rd of each month. To achieve an approval for the benefits, the claimant must provide clear medical evidence of their condition. A local social security lawyer in Bueno Park can assists any eligible claimant who was denied the benefits.

Reviewing the Process

In the initial phase, the claimant files an application with their regional SSA. The agency reviews the application and medical evidence for the claimant’s condition. The information must show that the claimant has a mental or physical ailment that eliminates the possibility of employment in any industry.

The Social Security Administration sets up doctor’s appointments for the claimant according to the condition identified in the application. The findings of the doctors are reported to the agency, and a decision is made about the application. The claimant receives a notification in the mail.

Claimants Who Were Denied SSI or SSDI

The next step for claimants who were denied social security benefits is to start an appeal or a reconsideration. An appeal is managed through a court hearing, and a judge makes the decision. A reconsideration requires the SSA to review the claim again and determine if the claimant is eligible for either program. A social security lawyer in Buena Park reviews the claimant’s case and determines which course of action is the most suitable option.

Starting a Legal Claim

Claimants who are eligible for social security disability benefits can file a legal claim to obtain their benefits. With a legal claim, a judge and jury review the case and establish whether or not the claimant is eligible. Legal claims could also help claimants receive back-pay starting on the day they were diagnosed with their disability.

In California, social security disability programs help disabled individuals obtain benefits to support themselves financially. The approval rate for claims in the state at the preliminary stage is  only 34 percent. This leaves thousands of claimants without benefits. Claimants who need to start a legal claim are encouraged to contact a social security lawyer in Buena Park at The Law Offices Norman J. Homen today.

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