Fight for Your Rights With a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Lawyers

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If you get hurt while at your place of employment, it’s crucial to know that you are more than likely entitled to worker’s compensation. This compensation is in your favor if you get hurt and you tried to prevent the accident from happening.

How to go About it

Right when you get hurt, it’s important you go fill out the necessary paperwork, if you are able to at that time. Go to the doctor and get checked out so everything about your accident is on record. Make sure you tell the doctor or hospital that the accident happened while you were at work; that is very crucial to mention. You will need to contact the HR department of the company you work for. They are going to want to do an investigation, because that is how the majority of places are.

What if Your Job Tries to Fight it?

There is always that possibility that an employer can try and fight the worker’s compensation. What you will need to do at that point is hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney. This attorney will back you up 100%. However, everything you tell them must be the truth. It’s important to cooperate with the attorney, and any question they may ask, try and give the best answer to your ability. Answering all of the attorney’s questions is going to help the process move along with more ease.

Listen to All of the Advice Given

Make sure to listen to all of the advice that the law firm and attorney is giving you. They deal with cases like this on a daily basis, so they know their way around a case like this. If you want to win your case, follow each instruction given. Each law firm, such as Gilbert Blaszcyk and Milburn LLP have their own ways that they go about things. Put your trust in your attorney and everything will fall into place.

Never let an employer scare you out of opening a case with a Worker’s Compensation Attorney. If you suffer from an accident, that employer has insurance for a reason and needs to pay for it, as well as pay for you being out of work for a certain amount of time.


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