A Family Law Attorney in Frederick Can Help You Through Difficult and Emotional Situations

by | May 4, 2018 | Attorney

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Maneuvering through a divorce, separation or a child custody determination is an emotional process, and it can be even more overwhelming without the help of an experienced family law attorney in Frederick. In addition to this emotional time, an individual could face financial problems because of adding a separate home to the expenses. If there are children from the marriage, determining which parent will have custody of the children can be another difficult process to go through without the help of an attorney.

The decisions made during the divorce process can alter an individual’s life forever. With the help of a family law attorney, a fair settlement can be negotiated as part of the divorce settlement so a client is not responsible for paying all of the bills or doesn’t receive their fair amount of assets.

Filing for a Divorce

Before an individual decides to file for divorce they should speak with a family law attorney about the decision. When a marriage is failing, there are usually signs that an individual should notice and start protecting themselves and plan. People should consider separation before they divorce so they don’t make the situation worse for themselves or their children.

Bank Accounts

Joint bank accounts and credit cards should be protected during a divorce proceeding so one party doesn’t have any advantage over the other. During a divorce, a couple might do things that friends or family members suggest that could jeopardize their case. If someone is concerned about a situation, they should speak directly with a family law attorney in Frederick and receive the legal answers they need to make the right decisions.

Collaborative Process

A great way for a couple to save money and still obtain a divorce is by agreeing to participate in the collaborative process. A divorce plan can be created within hours instead of months or years.

An experienced family lawyer can help you make good decisions and make the divorce process proceed easier. The attorney can help you draft a separation agreement that is also called a Marital Property Agreement. If you need more information on filing for divorce, please set up a consultation today.

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