Expert Tips on Managing a Surgical Fire in a Fort Worth Operating Room

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Legal

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If you were undergoing surgery in an operating room and suffered burns or other injuries from a surgical fire, then you might be due compensation. Operating rooms and there are many reasons why surgical fires in the operating room should never happen.

Be Aware of The Fire Triangle

In the operating room, there is an area known as the fire triangle. This is where a fire can break out if the staff is not extremely careful and very aware of their surroundings. From the person wielding a laser cauterizer or other heated medical tool to the person administering or handling oxygen to the person doing the draping during the procedure, all areas can be prime scenarios for a surgical fire. Speak with medical malpractice lawyers in Fort Worth if you have been injured this way.

Emergency Plans

Another reason why surgical fires in the operating room should never happen is that the medical staff is supposed to be trained to prevent this from happening in the first place. However, they also need to have an emergency plan in place in the event that it does. If your exposure to a surgical fire resulted in no emergency plan being executed, you might have a malpractice claim.

Appropriate Safety Equipment

Not all safety equipment is appropriate to use in the operating room. For instance, only certain types of fire extinguishers should be used. If this equipment was not present during your emergency, please contact medical malpractice lawyers in Fort Worth to discuss your case.

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