Easy Steps for Preparing to See a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Berwyn IL

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Lawyers

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In today’s uncertain economic climate, more people are having to make tough choices with their limited incomes. Pay decreases, company downsizing, rising consumer prices, stagnant wages, and increasing interest rates are factors that can contribute to a person owing more money than he has coming into his household. This can result in not paying creditors and having adverse credit scores. Seeing a bankruptcy Lawyer in Berwyn IL is one way people make a fresh start in life. Preparing for an initial appointment with this professional is important to make the meeting less stressful and more productive.


Not being ready for a visit with your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Berwyn IL & can be frustrating for both you and your lawyer. Arriving late with a stack of unorganized bills in paper bags can cost you money since the lawyer will spend more time gathering the information he needs to proceed with your case. Also, making your lawyer angry or frustrated will only serve to diminish the quality of your professional relationship.

Before you see a lawyer, arrange your needed information in a clear, concise manner. Make a checklist showing documents and information you need. Make another list identifying the organization of these items. Using folders, tabs, and colored markers can help you prioritize your information along with being able to access it easier.

Your lawyer will need to know basic information about you such as your full name, address, phone numbers, and place of employment. He will also need to know any children who live at home with you, even if you don’t claim them on your tax returns. You may also need to provide the social security numbers and driver’s licenses of both you and your progeny.

Your assets, income, debts, expenses, and other special circumstances will need to be detailed. Making a list of your monthly living expenses will help the lawyer calculate how much you need to live on. Bankruptcy is a legal status many people seek to protect their finances. Not doing this can result in garnishments, foreclosures, and asset seizures. For additional information, please visit Schottlerlaw.com. This business can handle bankruptcy, debts management, and consumer rights litigation.

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