Don’t Face Charges Without Help From Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyer

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It’s good to have a certain amount of faith in our justice system. However, you shouldn’t let your desire to believe that the system works keep you from taking sensible precautions. If there is any sign at all that the police suspect that you had a connection with a crime of some kind, you should contact Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County and refuse to speak to the authorities any further until you have had a chance to go over your case with a qualified attorney.

Many people are raised to view a police officer as someone who is kind and trustworthy. This is good if you’re a child who might need to know who to go to for help if you’re lost in a shopping mall. It’s very bad, however, if that same officer suspects you of doing something like robbing a house or selling drugs. Many people don’t realize that the authorities are allowed to lie about what evidence they have and what is happening with their investigation. People who don’t have Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County sometimes confess to crimes that they didn’t commit because they became convinced that they would be convicted anyway and that their only hope was to seek mercy by confessing.

You have a right to seek the counsel of Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County if the police are trying to question you. In fact, the first thing you should do when faced with questioning is to make it clear that you want to assert your fifth amendment right against incriminating yourself and that you won’t say anything further without the presence of a lawyer. People often fear that doing this will just make them look more guilty, but asserting your rights can not be used against you in court. Anything that you say in response to questions while you’re not asserting those rights, on the other hand, absolutely can be turned against you.

The best thing that you can do for yourself when you’re the target of a criminal investigation is to proceed with as much caution as possible. Contact Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County and find someone that you feel is suitable to represent you. Then, you’ll have legal advice that is personalized to your specific situation that you can use as the basis for deciding what to do next.

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