Dealing with a DUI Arrest? Here’s What To Do

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Legal Services

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Driving under the influence or DUI is considered a crime. If you find yourself up on DUI charges, consider seeking out the services of a good legal counsel as soon as possible. While your lawyer won’t be able to keep you from suffering any consequences, a good one will help ensure the penalties and the consequences you suffer as a result will be less severe. Just make sure you get in touch with one right away. Immediate contact can mean a massive difference between a non-guilty verdict to losing your license and going to jail.

Why you need a lawyer

A DUI arrest can have life-long consequences for you. Contacting a DUI lawyer in Mercer County can help you determine the scope of legal trouble you’re in and have someone to guide you so you have the best chance of getting a reduced sentence or lower penalties, Kenny, Chase & Costa says.

How to find one

Start with a list of potential names. You can put together this list with help from friends and family. Ask them for recommendations and suggestions. Any tips or referrals can be extremely useful. You could also ask an attorney, if you had to hire one beforehand, to refer you to the right lawyer. After that, determine the qualifications of your legal counsel. Opt for legal help with the right educational background, as well as specialization. That’s because they’re familiar with the nuances of the law. With them, you stand a better chance of getting a sentence that’s less severe. Once you’ve determined all these, ask for an in-person consultation.

What to Look for

Experience is always good. The right specialization matters too. Commitment to your case is important so if you feel like your lawyer has too many cases and not enough time to devote to your case, hire someone else.

So if you’re facing a DUI arrest, hire a lawyer and give yourself the legal support and advantage you need.

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