Consulting an Offshore Accident Lawyer in Crowley, LA

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Legal Services

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Seafaring merchants, offshore drilling workers, and others who work on the open seas have a different set of laws that apply to them when they are injured. The laws that may possibly conflict include federal laws, state laws, and international laws regarding the open sea, and those who are injured may have a difficult time getting compensation. An Offshore Accident Lawyer in Crowley LA assists clients who have issues with getting compensation because of an injury that happened offshore. Here is a look at some of these complications.

Offshore Injury Law Complications

Longshoremen, those who work on oil rigs, and other workers on the sea may be injured while they are in a section of the waters that are considered open territory or international waters. This is where the bureaucracy may slow things down regarding the injured person being fairly compensated, and an attorney may be needed to help smooth things out. The statute of limitations is also different for those hurt on the water than those parties who are injured on land. The injured person needs to act upon the incident immediately to prevent the time running out.

More about Offshore Injury Law

The Jones Act is a law that applies to those whose trade is on the sea, but when that law is applied, the laws regarding comparative negligence also become stricter. It is possible that the injured party may be found partially negligent for what happened in the accident, and the compensation awarded will be reduced by the percentage of blame assigned to the injured party. To try to prevent this from happening, the injured party will need a good attorney who has experience with offshore and maritime law.

An Attorney for Help with Offshore Accidents

Those who have been injured in an offshore accident will be looking for law firms who can help them obtain a settlement. Chris Richard Attorney at Law is a lawyer who works with clients who have offshore and maritime law issues. If a potential client is looking for an Offshore Accident Lawyer in Crowley LA, the attorney is available and provides more information on the website. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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