Consult with an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA, for an Uncontested Divorce

by | May 15, 2017 | Divorce Lawyer

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Even though marriage vows typically include the words “until death does us part,” a significant number of marriages end in divorce. The most interesting divorces are those that involve public trials, with heated child custody disputes and a lot of money and property to be divided. However, many divorces are settled much more quietly and inexpensively. A family law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA, could help a client with an uncontested divorce for much less time and money than it would take if they couple couldn’t agree on the terms of their separation.

An uncontested divorce can be completed quickly because there’s no need for an attorney to collect evidence, subpoena witnesses or analyze financial data. Couples know their situation better than anyone else. When they can sit down like adults and separate their property equitably and make decisions that will be in the best interest of their children, the court doesn’t have to get involved. These couples merely need a family law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA, to write and submit the paperwork to the court for approval. Once the judge approves it, the marriage is official over, and the two former spouses can go on with their lives.

Sometimes a couple will agree on most of the issues but have a conflict on one or two important matters that must be resolved before they get divorced. In these cases, a couple might still be able to avoid an expensive trial by utilizing the help of a mediator. Mediation is ideal when it comes to issues regarding child custody and shared parenting, because the courts are not likely to consider the parents’ schedules or the unique needs of the children when they issue an order.

When the marriage is over and there’s no hope of reconciliation, it only makes sense to try to avoid a lengthy and expensive divorce trial. Attorney Erik Conrad may be able to help a person dealing with this situation right now. By choosing an attorney with years of experience in family law, a divorcing spouse may benefit from their contacts within the court systems to help their case move quickly.

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