What Is Involved In Workmen Comp Law In Twin Falls, ID?

by | May 15, 2017 | Law Firm

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In Idaho, all workers are covered by insurance policies in the event that they are injured while working. These policies provide benefits including medical treatment and monetary benefits. The manner in which these benefits are provided is established by the type of injuries and how they were produced. The following is information about what is involved in Workmen Comp Law in Twin Falls ID.

Federal Regulations for Employers

Under federal regulations, all employers who hire more than one employee must purchase and maintain worker’s compensation insurance. The insurance defines all worker-related injuries that are covered by the policy. As defined by a standard policy, the injury must have been produced while the worker was performing their job duties or inside the workplace. The injuries cannot be produced at the fault of the worker or associated with a violation of the company’s safety policies.

OSHA Compliance and Worker-Related Injuries

The employer must also comply with all OSHA regulations as related to their property. If at any time that property isn’t compliant with these regulations, the company faces penalties. If these violations lead to a worker-related injury, the employer or company is liable immediately.

How Claims are Filed

Claims are filed through the insurer. The human resources department is responsible for managing these claims. They send the worker to an emergency room or an urgent care facilities for medical treatment. The HR department also files the claim once the medical report is returned.

The Role of the Claim’s Adjuster

The claim’s adjuster evaluates the claim determine if it meets the requirements of the policy. They must establish that the worker followed all safety policies. They must also track the accident and determine the exact cause of the worker’s injuries. This may include OSHA violations or equipment-related issues.

In Idaho, employers must follow federal regulations to keep their workers safe. These regulations define workplace safety requirements. They also define a requirement for worker’s compensation insurance to cover these workers properly. The insurance policies provide benefits for all workers who are injured while working. Employees who sustain these injuries must contact a lawyer who practices in Workmen Comp Law in Twin Falls ID or visit us here today.

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