Choose The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Tulsa To Fight For You

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were seriously injured in an accident? If you’re single, who would take care of you? If you have a family, who would support them? Who would take care of them? How would they be able to take care of you? This isn’t something most of us give much, if any, thought to, because you can’t prevent an accident.

It’s only fair that those injured by another should be compensated for their injury. This precept has been an integral part of legal systems worldwide for countless centuries. The primary difference now is that it isn’t one person against another person. It’s one person against battalions of insurance company lawyers, manufacturer’s lawyers and lawyers representing any other entity that might share the blame. That one injured person needs to have an experienced lawyer on his or her side.

Injured people are often nervous about the idea of being in court. While there is no guarantee that any particular case will not go to court, about 95% of injury cases are settled out of court. Although it’s impossible to come up with exact numbers, it is believed that the settlements approximate the ‘value’ of the case if it had gone to court. Many clients tend to feel that the ‘bird in the hand’ – the settlement – is the prudent choice. There are bills to be paid and it’s always possible that the case would not be decided in their favor.

This does not mean that pre-trial planning is less important. In fact, a seasoned personal injury attorney in Tulsa area uses pre-trial preparation to build a case that will make their opponents want to settle for a favorable amount. Of course, if the case goes to trial, every bit of that preparation will pay off.

Negotiation skills are critical skills for a Personal Injury Attorney. Another crucial attribute is the attorney’s reputation. If the insurance company believes that they can crush an inexperienced lawyer in court, they are far less likely to offer a reasonable settlement. If they are facing an attorney with a record of success, that bodes well for the client.

Donald E. Cummings and Associates have a 35 year track record of going the extra mile. Each Personal Injury Attorney in Tulsa focuses on fighting hard to get all of the just compensation that their client is due. Call them for a free consultation.

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