The Benefits of Contacting a DUI Attorney in Oswego, IL for Drunk Driving Cases

With a DUI charge, you are likely facing steep fines, possible jail time, or the loss of your license. Working with an experienced attorney helps you minimize the impact of a drunk driving charge on your life.

Attorneys Understand the Latest Drunk Driving Laws

Drunk driving laws and penalties are complex. Working with a DUI attorney in Oswego, IL ensures that your lawyer has full knowledge of DUI laws. This includes an understanding of field sobriety tests and breath tests.

Most drunk driving cases end with a plea bargain. Depending on the specifics of your case, you may have other options. Every case is different. A DUI attorney may try to get reduced charges through a DUI program or consider the possibilities of going to trial to have the case dismissed.

Attorneys Work to Negotiate a Better Plea Deal

A public defender may take the first deal offered by the prosecutor’s office. Public defenders often have busy schedules and do not always have the resources to fully explore your options. An attorney who specializes in DUI cases may help reduce the severity of your penalties.

A DUI charge may lead to jail time, costly fees, and the loss of your license and possibly your job. The attorneys at Cosentino Law Firm, LLC are prepared to work for you to obtain a better plea bargain.

If your DUI attorney negotiates a better plea deal, such as reducing your DUI charge to reckless driving, you may avoid significantly increased insurance. The chances of reduced charges are greater if this is your first charge.

After a DUI charge, you are considered a risky driver. Your insurance company will then likely drop your coverage. Future insurance plans can double or triple in cost. If you are dealing with a DUI charge, consider the benefits of working with a drunk driving attorney.

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