Article Title: Factors That Should Be Compensated After a Spinal Injury in Sarasota, FL

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When someone suffers a serious personal injury in Sarasota, FL, due to the negligence of a property owner, that individual deserves financial compensation to cover all the expenses. In some cases, ongoing care is required that also should be paid for in the settlement or court award. Someone who has experienced a spinal cord injury and can no longer walk should receive a substantial amount of money.

Medical and Convalescent Care

With this serious personal injury in Sarasota, FL, the patient will require a great deal of medical care before being released from the hospital. A stay in a convalescent facility may be necessary afterward.

Home and Work

The person’s home likely will need modifications to accommodate a wheelchair. Returning to his or her job may be impossible. Retraining for a new position may be desirable, but this depends on factors like the person’s age and previous occupational history.

Physical Therapy

Ongoing physical therapy sessions assuredly will be prescribed by the patient’s doctor. Eventually, the patient may be able to exercise the paralyzed limbs at home or at a fitness center with the right equipment. Preventing atrophy as much as possible is essential.

Intangible Effects

The patient and the immediate family may benefit from counseling sessions. They learn how to manage this new journey and the difficult emotions it has caused. A settlement negotiated by a lawyer is likely to include compensation for intangible effects like emotional trauma, depression and anxiety. With contact information, the injured person can schedule a free consultation with Carl Reynolds Law.

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