There is Another Option: Annulment

There are situations where divorce is not required to end a marriage. You can end it with a civil annulment. Both of the spouses, as in a divorce, become single and they can remarry. There is one significant difference in an annulment; it goes even farther by completely voiding the marriage. It is as if it never existed. To get an annulment, you’re going to need to prove that a certain condition or conditions can be applied which is where family lawyers in Cedar Knolls NJ area, can assist you in proving that while marriage was valid, it should now be nullified.

What Grounds are Permissible?

There are four conditions under which a marriage can be found to be void. They are:

  • One of the spouses was unable to give consent to the marriage under the law by reason of a mental impairment or because he or she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A spouse was forced into the marriage by an implied or physical threat.
  • One of the spouses lied and the other spouse agreed to the marriage believing that the lie was true.
  • There is a physical impairment that stops the two of you from consummating your marriage. If the impairment is impotence and you knew about it before you married that cannot be used as the basis of an annulment.

You may also Annul Illegal Marriages

You can also receive an annulment if your marriage is considered illegal. This type of marriage is considered void from the start. These situations are ones in which it is illegal to marry:

  • If one of the spouses is still married to another person then they are committing bigamy.
  • If one is still considered a child, meaning they are under the age of consent and had married without their parents’ permission or the court’s approval.
  • Since most states do not allow marriages between relatives that are closer than second cousins, if you have married your first cousin or relative who is closer than that, you are in an incestuous marriage.

Since these types of marriages are considered illegal and void from the very start you may procure a divorce or annulment or both to end the union. If you are in a marriage that fits any of these conditions, you need the help of Charles F. Vuotto, Jr., Esq., to end it quickly and painlessly.

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