What Is A Bankruptcy Trustee In Moncton NB And Why You Need One?

If you live in Moncton NB and are considering bankruptcies as a way to end debt, you must first talk to a bankruptcy trustee. These people are highly educated and are considered debt consultants. They can help you find all the debt relief options available to you and will help you determine which option may be best.

In short, they are similar to lawyers, in that they can handle all the necessary paperwork, but they can do more, so you get the best representation and the best advice.

More About Them

Primarily, these professionals must be licensed by the Canadian government and will handle your consumer proposals and bankruptcies. You are not allowed to file yourself because it is a complicated process that must be handled legally and appropriately. You must have a bankruptcy trustee in Moncton NB to handle everything for you.

In a sense, they are considered to be a referee. They don’t necessarily work for you, nor do they fight against you. In short, they provide you with all the process rules and tips to ensure that everyone is compliant with the standards and responsibilities according to the law.

Difference Between Trustees And Debt Consultants

The primary difference between trustees and debt consultants is that the consultant will charge you money to tell you the best way to handle your debt. Once you pay, they refer you to trustees to help you. While they don’t break the law, they aren’t needed because the bankruptcy trustee in Moncton NB is there to help you deal with bankruptcies and debt repayment anyway. Likewise, trustees will usually hold an initial consultation for free to help you sort any financial problems, so you don’t have to pay if you choose not to file. Visit Powell Associates Ltd.

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