An Example of the Bail Process in Forney TX When a Judge Is Involved

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Bail Bond

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In many instances, bail is set automatically on a schedule for various offenses. Sometimes, though, the Bail Process in Forney TX requires a judge to decide whether or not a defendant should be allowed release on bail, or without any bail requirement. The judge might refuse to set bail, depending on the circumstances. Judges make these decisions after considering a variety of factors.

Previous Criminal History

The person’s previous criminal history is considered as well as any relevant details the prosecuting attorney provides. The court wants to make sure this defendant will not go out and intimidate witnesses for the prosecution, for example. When criminal history indicates a pattern of threatening behavior toward other individuals, the judge may decide to refuse release on bail.

Flight Risk

If the defendant has ever skipped required court appearances in the past, bail might not be granted. The court worries that this person is a flight risk. The possibility of the defendant running away also will seem greater if this individual does not have family in the community or a steady job.

Inability to Pay Bail

If the judge does allow release on bail, another thorny issue often develops. This is the defendant’s inability to pay the set amount. Bail is often set at levels that are above the financial capabilities of defendants. The defense lawyer, often a public defender, may attempt to convince the court to reduce bail. If that effort is unsuccessful, the defendant may ask a family member to Contact AAA Bail Bonds and ask about having a surety bond posted instead. Qualified customers can have a bond posted for a service fee.

This is an example of how the Bail Process in Forney TX often works. Unfortunately, many low-income defendants and their families cannot afford the service fee for a bond, especially if bail is expensive. The fee is typically 10 percent of the cash bail. This covers the work of the agency and the risk it takes on when helping criminal defendants be freed from jail. Some Texas lawmakers have been working on passing reforms to current regulations regarding bail so that so many defendants do not have to stay behind bars before trial.

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