A Personal Injury Attorney in Port Orchard Can Handle Any Tort Case

From a legal standpoint, “tort” is another name for a personal injury. In this article is an explanation of what torts are and where tort laws can be found. Injury victims will also learn what they should think about when choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Port Orchard to handle a tort claim.

What Are Tort Claims?

Torts are civil wrongs inflicted on a person by another entity. Because they are handled in civil court rather than in criminal court, an injury victim’s legal remedy usually comes as a monetary award. Tort law is based on the premise that a person should be accountable for damages they cause, and it forms the basis of things as varied as insurance claims and civil court trials.

Tort Case Types

Most torts arise when a person is careless, causing injury to another person. Through the negligence doctrine, cases such as medical malpractice and car accidents are handled. Tort cases can be intentional in nature, where injuries arise from a person’s purposeful behavior. Intentional torts are often considered crimes and can be handled in both civil and criminal courts.

Where to Find Tort Laws

These cases are governed by court rulings rather than by legal codes. State law does come into play. For instance, there’s a statute of limitations on personal injury suits. If a person has a tort claim, the applicable law is likely to be a combination of past decisions from the state’s courts. A personal injury lawyer can tell clients which laws may apply.

What Type Of Lawyer Does A Victim Need?

Just as different kinds of claims exist, so do different types of attorneys handling these cases. While many lawyers handle personal injury cases, clients will find that a Personal Injury Attorney in Port Orchard may claim expertise in specific types of claims.

When a lawyer handles a certain type of case, it means they will be able to handle the procedural and legal challenges that come with it. If someone is injured through someone else’s actions, they should visit Anthonyotto.com to ask a personal injury lawyer for a case evaluation and legal advice.

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