A Naturalization Attorney can Help in Acquired Citizenship Cases

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Lawyers

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As the term is most commonly used, acquired citizenship applies to people being born to US citizens in other countries. Also referred to as “birthright citizenship”, a child born in this manner acquires citizenship based on that of his or her parents. In most instances, citizenship is automatically given, although the child’s parents need to file for documents providing proof of citizenship for the child.
Alternatively, a person with acquired citizenship can gain that status through naturalization, which is a lengthy process. Here, you will learn more about acquired citizenship and the process by which it is obtained.

Acquiring Citizenship in the United States

In the US, naturalization is a common way to become a citizen. Factors such as engagement or marriage to a citizen, turmoil in a person’s home country and military service can expedite the process.
Derivative Citizenship

This is a less frequently applied type of acquired citizenship, and it refers to the conveyance of citizenship upon children born of naturalized citizens. In limited circumstances, derivative citizenship can be given to foreign children adopted by parents who are US citizens. Requirements for derivative citizenship are:

  The child must have at least one US citizen parent through birth

  The child must be under the age of 18

  The child has to be in the legal and physical custody of the parent who is a citizen

*   The child must be a permanent, lawful resident of the United States

For children acquiring citizenship in an adoption, the process must be complete and finalized. If you need help acquiring citizenship for your child, consult with an immigration or Naturalization Attorney from the Bell Law Office.

Hiring an Attorney for Assistance in an Acquired Citizenship Case

The laws concerning acquired citizenship are very complex, and are subject to frequent and substantial changes. If you or your family has any questions about the acquired citizenship process, or if you need assistance in applying for citizenship for yourself or your children, a Naturalization Attorney can help. Your attorney can explain all of your citizenship options, and he or she can help you get documents for your spouse and/or children.


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