4 Tips to Follow Before Calling an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Urbana, IL

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Accident Lawyers

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Driving through a crowded parking lot is almost as demanding as driving on the freeway. With vehicles backing out of spaces and pedestrians failing to pay attention to their surroundings, even cautious drivers must be extra careful. Parking lot accidents account for approximately 20% of all collisions, and while serious property damage is unlikely, physical injuries are common. Many drivers handle these claims themselves, but this is a mistake for several reasons. Below are a few steps to take after a parking lot collision.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

While severe injuries are rare, it’s still important to ensure everyone’s safety after a parking lot accident. If someone is injured or in pain, they should seek treatment right away. Adrenaline may prevent victims from feeling certain symptoms, and they should go to a doctor and get checked out before calling an auto accident injury lawyer in Urbana, IL.

Don’t Start an Argument

Frustration and anger are common emotions after an auto accident, but drivers shouldn’t argue over fault. Such arguments may lead to physical altercations or, at the very least, saying something regrettable and admitting fault.

Gather the Necessary Information

Just as in other auto accidents, those involved in parking lot collisions must exchange names, contact information, license numbers, and insurance information. It might be too early to determine whether a vehicle has been damaged, and having the right information will help an insurance adjuster and an attorney work on the victim’s behalf.

Notify the Authorities

Parking lot collisions typically happen on private property, and police might not write the at-fault driver a ticket in every case. In fact, police may not respond to such accidents unless injuries are involved, and a police report may not be issued. However, it’s still worthwhile to notify the authorities after a parking lot fender-bender, as a potential police report is a tremendous asset to a victim and their auto accident injury lawyer in Urbana, IL.

Parking lot accidents are frustrating, but they shouldn’t be a cause for panic. Property damage is typically minor, as are injuries. The steps listed above will make most situations a bit easier to handle. Schedule an appointment with a local personal injury lawyer to protect the victim’s right to fair compensation.

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