Why Do People Hire an Injury Attorney?

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Attorney

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When you become injured because of someone else’s actions or their neglect, you may not be sure of how to proceed to get compensation. Many injured people end up avoiding getting the compensation they need simply because they are not aware of their rights. To help ensure you are able to pursue a case and get the compensation you deserve, you need to consider hiring an Injury Attorney. Through an attorney, you can have the legal help you need in your case.

To prove your case, the Injury Attorney needs to be able to prove four different areas. These include:

      *      Proving duty of care in your case is typically easy. Duty of care means the person who caused your injury owed you a certain level of duty. Shop owners, other drivers and medical care professionals owe a duty of care. Your attorney will work to prove the duty of care in your case so it can be fully established in court.

      *      Once the duty of care has been proven in your case, it must also be proven the person acted in negligence.

      *      Neglecting the duty of care must have caused you to become injured.

      *      The attorney must also prove your injuries caused you damages that can be measured.

Your attorney will work to submit different forms of evidence in your case. Medical records, medical bills, police reports, eyewitness reports, video, and photos may all be submitted. Your attorney may also ask medical professionals to come in and testify. The more evidence provided, the better the chances of you getting a favourable outcome in your case.

Though injury cases are sometimes difficult to go through, it will be much easier with an attorney working on your side. If you have been injured because of another party, make sure you exercise your rights and contact an attorney.

Call Swartz Culleton PC and allow them to meet with you for a consultation. They can give you information that will assist you in deciding on what type of case you have and what you can expect throughout the process. Call today for your appointment so they can help you.

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