Who Needs a Bail Bond Service in Freestone County Texas?

If you go to jail, you do not have to stay. If someone you know goes to jail, he or she does not have to stay either. The United States constitution prevents everyone from receiving cruel and/or unusual punishment.

Therefore, the judge must offer individuals bail. However, in cases of extremely violent crimes or flight risks, the judge does not have to offer the offender bail. Normally, you receive bail as an option, and a bail bond service can help you.

When You Are Offered Bail

Following your arrest, you have to account for the bail, but you may find the price daunting. Fortunately, you do not have to pay the entire amount. To pay your bond, you only need to pay 10% of your bail.

For example, if your bail amount is $100,000, you only pay $10,000. You may also get the money back when you return to court at the prescribed court date. If you do not have the money, you can hire a bail bond service. However, they do not take kindly to someone not paying.

Business Name is an example of a bond service that helps people every day. You only need to make sure you arrive promptly for your court date.

How it Works

If you receive bail, you are responsible for 10% of it. If you hire a bail bond service in Freestone County Tx they pay the bond for you. In return, you must pay them a portion of the fee. If you fail to show up for your court date, the court will not return the amount of the bond, and the bail bondsman will not receive his or her service price.

Therefore, a bail bond service can use the charges to place a bounty on you. A bounty hunter finds fugitives and arrests them to recoup their losses.

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