What are labor laws?

All modern nations have laws which are designed to protect the rights of workers; these laws vary considerably in scope, complexity and enforcement. As lax labor laws are often blamed for employee injustices many consumers seek products that are made in countries which have and enforce straight labor laws, countries like the United States.

Labor laws are far from new; there is plenty of evidence that even in ancient time’s countries had laws and statutes on their books that focused on such issues as compensation, hours of work, apprenticeships and so on. Modern labor law on Long Island began evolving in the 19th century when the great industrial revolution changed forever the workplace and society as a whole. As the nature of the work changed and employment dispersed it became apparent that stricter labor laws were necessary. During the 19th century the conditions in sweatshops, factories and farms became potentially dangerous and it became apparent that laws were needed to mandate working conditions.

Labor law on Long Island spells out the basic things associated with employment; the number of hours that one can work in a day, the age at which people can join the workforce, the minimum compensation, etc. Many labor laws address the working conditions with clauses which address safe and healthy workplaces. Today employers are required to provide protection from workplace hazards, workers compensation and disability insurance along with spot inspections by the authorities to ensure that the workplace is physically safe to work in.

Much of labor law on Long Island focuses on social conditions. There are laws that state that both men and women must receive equal pay for equal work as well as outlawing sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are not allowed to discriminate for any reason such as race, color, creed or marital status. Labor laws can also stipulate vacation leave, paid leave, insurance, contributions toward retirement accounts and so forth.

With the scope of labor laws having grown exponentially many countries have a cabinet level government agency to deal exclusively with labor issues. It is these agencies which draft new labor laws, perform workplace inspections and act as the enforcement wing for existing labor laws. These agencies can help and educate workers with regards to their rights as well as their responsibilities and work with employers, helping them navigate the legal complexities included in the labor code.

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