Issues Handled Through Family Law in Auburn, Indiana

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Attorney

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There are many reasons an individual or a couple would want to consult with an attorney experienced in family law. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to, divorce issues, child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, and legal separation. No one goes into a marriage with the idea of it ending. However, it happens under the best of circumstances. When such happens, everything can quickly turn to confusion. It is a good idea to get a lawyer. There are law firms that practice family law in Auburn, Indiana, and here are some of the delicate issues handled.

Perhaps the most delicate issue of all to handle in family law is that of divorce. Divorce brings with it a lot of stressful circumstances along with intense emotions. There are times when the couple can work the divorce out amicably. In those cases where it is not amicable, everything becomes a struggle. There is a struggle over who gets what in terms of the property and the children. There are issues with visitation rights and how much alimony or child support is fair.

Other issues that can be delicate include the rights of grandparents or a decision to adopt. When a divorce takes place, it is not just the couple who will have problems but the grandparents as well. They have rights to visit their grandchildren and even to adopt the grandchildren if it turns out that neither parent is competent. Adoption also takes place with people who are complete strangers to the child. This could be because the child is in a foster home or an orphanage.

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