Identifying Infringement And Other Unlawful Violations

Copyright laws are in place to protect the creative efforts of writers, artists, and innovators. They allow them to register these items and materials that are associated with them through the U.S. Copyright Office to secure their project and protect it against violations. Once the copyright is initiated, no one can reproduce these items without the permission of the rightful owner. Infringement is identified as a violation of the laws that apply to the copyright.

Piracy and Infringement

With emerging products released throughout the internet, it is necessary to protect your investments through legal means. This includes projects that you have not released to the public. At any time that the materials are utilized without permission, the owner can take legal action through court to remedy this violation. In most cases, the court will identify the rightful owner and determine the way in which the violator utilized their products. Any profits that are generated through unlawful use are returned to the rightful owner.

Piracy is another concept that has present a hindrance for creative professionals. It is identified as the unlawful reproduction, distribution, and sale of the intellectual property. In recent years it has applied heavily to music and movie files. Piracy is not only a civil crime but is not prosecuted through criminal laws that apply to these circumstances. The laws additionally apply to public exhibitions of the movies or music. For instance, a musical artist is not allowed to perform the songs of another unless they have explicit permission.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement applies to all creative projects in which another user has chosen to utilize materials that they do not own for profit. This includes excerpts from books as well as musical files. The laws prohibit them from broadcasting these files in other formats in which profits are generated. A violation could lead to litigation and possible criminal prosecution depending on the circumstances of the crime.

As a producer, writer, or artistic professional, you have the right to protect your investments and creative projects. This is why you should always file for a copyright for each project individually. If your rights were violated, you should contact Edward L White PC Attorney At Law immediately.

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