How Does A Bankruptcy Attorney Help You?

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Attorney

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The first benefit you will receive from a bankruptcy attorney is an immense amount of knowledge.  In this, after only a brief consultation a bankruptcy attorney will educate you as to the various remedies available under the United States Bankruptcy Code and state law.  Your particular situation may be better suited for relief under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy laws, which is considered the classic bankruptcy.  If your income is sufficient enough to fund a repayment plan of some or all of your debts, then Chapter 13 or “Debtor’s Court” may be the best path for you to choose.  In any event, a bankruptcy lawyer will educate you about the benefits and detriments of the forms of relief available to a debtor and which form best fits your specific debt and asset scenario.

A bankruptcy attorney will also assist you in taking the initial steps in preparing your petition for relief under the bankruptcy laws. The first step is to obtain a list of all assets and debts in order so that the path-determining analysis may commence.  Next, your bankruptcy attorney will help you in calculating your monthly expenditures and income figures.  Further, your bankruptcy attorney will direct you to a convenient location for the preliminary credit counseling class.  Under most bankruptcy filings for consumers, the debtor is required to take a credit counseling course from an approved provider.  Your bankruptcy attorney will be able to provide you a list of many different organizations willing to provide this service for a range of prices to fit your budget.

Preparation of even the initial voluntary petition for relief under Chapters 7 or 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code can be a daunting task. Your bankruptcy attorney will assist you in navigating the 40 plus pages of questions and requests in finalizing your petition for filing.  Once your bankruptcy attorney has filed the petition on your behalf, the many creditor calls will be halted.  If even one creditor calls you after filing your case, the bankruptcy attorney will make sure that this creditor will have called for the last time.  In this, your bankruptcy attorney will have directed the bankruptcy clerk to send notices via U.S. Mail informing the creditor of the automatic stay provisions that protect the individual debtor from harassing creditor communication and conduct.

Information, direction, communication, and protection are just a few of the ways a bankruptcy attorney can assist you with your financial woes.  Take a moment and call RKE Law group for an appointment today.

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