Have you Been Injured in a Lane Splitting Accident? Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Legal Services

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Bicyclists and motorcyclists commonly engage in a road maneuver known as “lane splitting”, which involves riding between travel lanes. Riders do this to pass slower vehicles and avoid congested areas, but this type of riding can be dangerous in certain conditions – riding in between moving vehicles can put the rider in someone’s blind spot, leading to an accident.

Lane Splitting Laws

California’s laws are the only in the country that do not explicitly forbid lane splitting. A CHP statement made in 2012 said that lane splitting is permissible, but only if done prudently and safely. While the road maneuver is not illegal, riders can still receive citations if they are operating in an unsafe manner. Some other states expressly prohibit the practice, and still other states use existing laws to keep riders from splitting lanes. An Auto Accident Attorney can examine the facts of your case, and he or she can tell you whether you are within your state’s laws.

What to do if you have Been Injured During Lane Splitting

If you are splitting lanes on a motorcycle or bicycle, you may run into difficulty while trying to make a monetary recovery. Many courts and insurers assume that the rider is at fault in such cases. However, you may recover if you can prove that you were obeying your state’s traffic laws, that the other driver was negligent, or that you split a lane to avoid a road accident.

It can be very difficult to prove fault in a motorcycle accident case, and it may require the hiring of an Auto Accident Attorney, who can find an expert witness to testify on details such as traffic and road conditions, rider speed and other relevant factors. To reduce the chances of a life-threatening accident, ensure that you follow your state’s helmet and motorcycle laws.

I’ve been Injured in a Lane Splitting Accident. Do I Need an Attorney?

Laws on practices related to lane splitting can be very complex and strict, and if you are injured in such a case, it is in your best interest to call an Auto Accident Attorney with any questions or concerns. Attorney David S Kohm can tell you about your state’s laws, and he or she can offer you advice specific to your case while representing you in court if required.


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