Get an Attorney When Applying for Veterans Benefits

Veterans proudly serve out country in times of need. In recognition of this, the government provides a number of benefits to those who have served. However, sometimes it’s necessary to get help from an attorney to make sure you get what you deserve. A Veterans Benefits Lawyer in Alabama can help you file claims for disability, and other available benefits.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Every veteran knows how important these benefits are. The compensation received is often the sole means of providing for one’s family. An attorney who specializes in this area of law can work with you to make sure your story is heard. A veterans benefits lawyer in Alabama can also help you in understanding the process of applying for benefits. Let an attorney assist you in filing your first claim, or preparing an appeal if you are denied.

Filing a Total Disability Case

Many veterans are interested in applying for Total Disability on the Basis of Individual Unemployability (TDIU). Any veteran who is unable to work to support him or herself may try applying for this program. The first step in qualifying for this type of benefit is to show that you are unable to work under normal circumstances. You must also have a rating of less than 100% on the disability schedule. Furthermore, the causes of the disability must also be service-related. These are the general requirements needed to move on with a TDIU claim.

Once you qualify through the basic requirements, there are some more specific factors to consider. First, you need a rating of 60% or more on the scheduler. Second, if you have two conditions, at least one should have a 40% (at a minimum) rating on the schedule. Finally, the injuries or disabilities you experience as a result of service must render you unemployable. Speak with a veterans benefits lawyer in Alabama for more information.

The law firm of Jackson and MacNichol can help veterans through the process. Visit the firm’s website at to obtain additional information.

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