Family Law Attorneys in New Ulm, MN Address Misconceptions About Divorce in the 21st Century

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Legal Services

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Some extended families are almost completely untouched by divorce. They have a remarkable stability across generations. When a couple within the family does decide to call an end to their marriage, they may feel very uncertain about how to proceed. Each of these spouses needs family law attorneys in New Ulm, MN Family Law Attorneys in New Ulm MN for legal representation if children are involved or if the couple shares real estate or other significant assets.

Why Misconceptions Develop

Married couples who have been sheltered from divorce for the most part are likely to have misconceptions about the requirements for ending to end a marriage. Their ideas may have been accumulated from information about regulations that no longer exist or from TV dramas. Family law attorneys in New Ulm, MN Family Law Attorneys in New Ulm MN can explain how the process actually works in the 21st Century, although it’s important to note that every divorce is different.


Some misconceptions develop because states have different laws regarding ending a marriage. For example, a couple may believe they must be officially separated for a specificed length of time before filing for divorce. That is true in some states, but not in Minnesota. Spouses who are getting along reasonably well may decide to have separate lives within the same household while moving along with a divorce. There are obvious financial advantages to this decision, although it can be emotionally trying.

Accusations of Misconduct

Another mistaken belief is that one spouse has to accuse the other of some misconduct in order to file for divorce. That has not been the case in Minnesota for many years. Decades ago, spouses had to allege behavior like abandonment or cruelty if they wanted a divorce, even if these allegations were untrue. Minnesota allows couples to end their marriage without this kind of red tape.

A spouse who feels that they have been wronged may want to bring the divorce case to court in hopes of preferential treatment by a judge. Because of Minnesota’s no-fault divorce laws, however, judges cannot reward one spouse for the other’s bad behavior. The best solution is to have legal representation by an organization such as Blatz Law Office and come to agreements with the other spouse on matters like child custody and division of property. Visit today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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