A Lawyer can Help you Recover After a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Legal

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Semi accident suits are brought in cases involving a large, commercially used truck. These trucks can include delivery vehicles, big rigs, cargo and tractor-trailer trucks, and other kinds of vehicles. For the purposes of this article, “truck” will refer to large commercial vehicles, as opposed to pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Truck accident lawsuits are unique because they usually involve a large truck and a smaller automobile. This creates a situation that puts an individual against a large corporation, which can mean differences in company insurance and employee liability. Some semi accident suits involve laws from multiple states, which complicate the process even further.

Legal Remedies in Truck Accident Lawsuits

A primary concern after a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN is when a large truck hits a passenger car at highway speeds. These accidents often result in significant injuries and total destruction of the smaller vehicle. In these cases, it is appropriate to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries or loss of life.

Legal remedies in semi accidents usually consist of monetary awards. The at-fault party must reimburse the victim for losses sustained due to the accident, such as medical bills, therapy expenses and lost wages. If the truck driver is found negligent in an accident that kills someone, a wrongful death suit can be filed by that person’s survivors.

Truck accident suits frequently involve legal and factual analysis to determine fault; it can be hard to tell which person caused the accident, but a lawyer’s expert opinion can be beneficial in the determination of liability. A lawyer’s assistance can result in a fairer settlement that accurately assigns liability.

Hiring an Attorney for Help with a Semi Accident Suit

Filing a claim after a Semi Accident in Terre Haute IN is a complex undertaking, requiring an analysis of the facts surrounding the event and of state law. You may want to hire a truck accident attorney if you need help filing a suit. Dan McGlone can help you determine how much you can get in damages, and they can represent you in court while protecting your legal rights.

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