A Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn, NY Can Help Injured Workers

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Due to the dangers inherent in construction work, injuries frequently occur. There are regulations, procedures and programs in place to prevent workplace injuries, but accidents can still happen because of electrocution, falling materials, chemical exposure, repetitive stress, and unsafe equipment. If a person is hurt in a construction accident, a personal injury claim can allow them to be compensated. Here is a brief explanation of the construction injury claim process.

Making A Claim

If one works in construction, they should follow safety rules. Property managers and general contractors must abide by OSHA rules, which require employers to:

  • Rid the workplace of hazards
  • Provide safe equipment
  • Display OSHA rules and share them with employees
  • Create hazard notification programs
  • Provide safety training materials
  • Tell employees about past, current, and future chemical exposure

OSHA’s website is a good resource for information on workplace safety requirements. OSHA gives workers the right to review a company’s safety standards, access injury and illness records, request inspections and receive test results. If workplace conditions violate OSHA’s standards, workers should consult a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY such as The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel.

Filing An Injury Claim

If a person is hurt at work because the employer or a contractor has not implemented OSHA standards, they should seek medical attention right away. Once treated, the injury should be reported in writing and the worker should call a construction attorney to learn their legal options.

Worker’s Comp vs. Personal Injury

Worker’s compensation is insurance that provides benefits to injured workers, regardless of who caused the injury. Programs cover:

  • Medical treatment
  • Permanent and temporary disability
  • Vocational rehab

Most laws put caps on the amount an employee can recover, and they bar employees from suing coworkers. In many cases, worker’s comp is the only legal remedy for a workplace injury unless harm was caused by a third party.

If a person has been hurt at work, they should call their employer and, if the injury was the fault of another party, they can file a civil claim. However, it may be wise to meet with a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY, to determine the best course of action.

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