3 Times You May Need to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Attorney

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Many people file a workers compensation claim for workplace injuries without consulting a lawyer. While this is something you can do for yourself, there are certain signs that your claim is becoming more complex. You’ll need to consult a workers’ compensation attorney in Joliet if you experience any of these situations.

Your Claim is Denied
Your employer and their insurance company have the goal of paying out as little in injury claims as possible, and that includes finding ways to deny a claim. If there’s an unreasonable delay in paying out your benefits or your claim was denied altogether, your next step should be to contact an attorney with workers’ compensation experience. They can help you file an appeal to get the denial overturned.

Your Employer Has Retaliated
If your employer retaliates against you after you return to work, you’ll be in another situation that requires the expertise of a workers’ compensation attorney in Joliet. Retaliation can include cutting your hours, demoting you to a lower-paying position, or outright firing you without cause. In any of these situations, your lawyer can help you prove the actions were unjustified and may be able to help you obtain additional damages.

You’re Offered Insufficient Damages
Your employer may lead you to believe you’re only entitled to the costs of your immediate medical care, but that isn’t an accurate assessment. A lawyer can ensure you recover enough compensation to cover your ongoing need for medical care, including a need for therapy for a long-term disability resulting from the accident. Your lawyer may also be able to recover your lost wages and other damages.

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